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Watermelon Dawn | Sean Davey
How’s your Tuesday going? 😜 Such an awesome place! (at Boreen Point Camp Grounds)


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*ABOUT YOU*~✧』
1. Are you more feminine or masculine?
hard to say, dress feminine, yet do masculine things? haha
2. Are you tall or short?
in between
3. What’s your favorite color?
blue, black
4. What do you love about yourself?
my hair
5. What’s your greatest flaw?
i care too much for people who dont care back
6. Do you see yourself differently than other people describe you?
not really
7. What are you really, really good at?
riding dirt bikes
8. What’s something you’re bad at, but love?
black op 2 zombies haha only level 25 : (
9. What’s something people have tried to force you to do?
smoke, drugs, sex
10. How do you spend your free time?
xbox, drawing, dirt bikes, piano
11. Describe the way you dress in one sentence.
i like singlets, hate shirts, love hoodies
12. Have you ever gotten your nails professionally painted?
once, never again
13. What is the most insulting thing anyone has said to you?
dont know, couldnt care less
14. Favorite game?
black ops 2
15. What color is your hair?
dark brown ombre
16. Do you believe in god?
17. Is men’s rights a thing?
18. Does love really exist?
19. Can science explain everything, eventually?
yeah one day
20. Are we raised into what we love, or do we come to love it based on how we were raised?
second one
21. How do you feel about the school system?
its shit
22. Do you believe in fate/destiny?
23. What is art?
anything you can create?
24. Do we define ourselves, or does our past?
current actions
25. What happens after we die?
who knows
26. Do humans matter--tiny specs on a floating piece of rock in a solar 27. system in a galaxy in an infinite universe?
of course we matter
28. Is there good in everyone?
yeah i guess
29. Does apathy really exist?
29. Is human life only valuable because our society makes it?
30. How do you feel about society, the vague “they” blamed for everything?
dont really care
31. What gender do you prefer?
32. What’s the first thing you notice about someone?
33. Could you love someone you found ugly?
34. Favorite hair color?
browny blonde
35. Favorite eye color?
36. Ideal height?
taller than me
37. Describe, personality-wise, what your ideal boy/girlfriend would be like?
kind, spontaneous, funny, adventurous, loving, romantic
38. Describe, appearance-wise, what your ideal boy/girlfriend would be like?
tall, fit, good body,
39. What do you look for--brains or looks?
looks first, but there has to be intelligence
40. Could you fall in love online?
41. How much of an age gap can you handle?
5 years
42. How would you introduce yourself on a blind date?
not going to happen haha
43. Could you forgive a cheater?
44. Is lying about something serious as bad as cheating?
45. Right now, you could call the person you like/love (if you aren’t dating/engaged/married already), or show up at their front door, and just confess or kiss them or whatever. What’s stopping you?
im scared he doesn't feel the same about me : (

"Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, helps you grow, or makes you happy."

Headphones in waiting for Kalia, best spot ❤🐳🌊🎧 (at Peregian Beach)
Da Nang, Vietnam. Best place I have ever stayed! 😍
Sunrise in Da Nang, Vietnam, so beautiful! #nofilter #vietnam
I love this photo so much! #nofilter